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Variations Collection by Jeff Andrews for Jamie Beckwith Collection

Jamie Beckwith Launches Jeff Andrews Collection

Variations on a theme; Movement through shapes, textures and finishes


Los Angeles, California – July XX, 2016 –  Nashville based interior and product designer, Jamie Beckwith of Jamie Beckwith Collection, collaborates with industry design leader Jeff Andrews for a movement inspired wood surfacing collection for floors and walls.  Jeff Andrews is well-known for his innovative, modern, and refreshing approach, which is fully captured in the new line of wood surfacing treatments.


The collection, aptly named Variations, gravitates towards sculptural elements that can ground a room.  “Wood has such great natural texture and so many stain possibilities already, but adding the graphic patterns with multi dimensions takes it to another textural level that works perfectly with my design style,” says Andrews.


“The patterns I have created are inspired by the idea of movement and have a certain energy to them. Having a background in dance I am constantly looking at design in terms of how a room is choreographed and how life will move through it. With the Variations collection I have used simple forms in interesting combinations to emulate motion while keeping the patterns contemporary and organic. The overall look of the collection is graphic and bold with shapes inspired by everything from Deco to Mod to Modern,” says Andrews.


“His collection feels natural, not manufactured, and he appreciates the fine craftsmanship, just like his  designs. Our wood collections in the past have relied on the simple texture of the grain of the wood, with Jeff’s Collection we are taking it another step further by adding extra texture thru etching and dragging through the wood; and finally highlighting the texture with rich, hard oil glazes,” says Beckwith.


The Variations collection has a rustic glamorous chic feeling in its entirety. By etching, engraving and raking into the woods, we are creating another layer rarely seen in wood flooring and wall surfacing products. Andrew’s collection not only utilizes rich texture and finishes but a mix of wood species.  The diamond pattern can have multiple wood species with layered stains.  Walnut and White Oak mixed in a super large scale.  His patterns are also of the largest scaled designs which will work wonderfully not only in home environments but many commercial projects as well.