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Ligné Magazine

Our sister company, Beckwith Interiors was featured in a 10 page spread in the Design & Innovation issue of Ligné Magazine for their amazing Pool House design, but there happens to be some amazing shots of some JBC products. Can you spot them?!

Our Mosaic end grain product graces the cover as well as in the spread as shown on the wine cellar’s floor. Perfect for sound absorption and soft to walk on, Mosaic comes in 5 wood species and comes raw to meet your own finishing needs.

Our Rustic Projection makes a slight appearance in the living room shot above the doorway leading to the pool. Perfect for accent areas and focal points in the room, Projection comes in 6 different depths causing texture and shadowing that every space needs.

Lastly, the Enigma: Jacks pattern was featured in an ad leading up to the Pool House spread. Mix and match wood species and stain finishes to create a really custom and unique floor or wall option.

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