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Jamie Beckwith Collection and Kris LaJeskie

 We are thrilled to see our Jamie Beckwith Collection Angles wood tiles used by  designer extraordinary Kris Lajeskie.  Lajeskie used the amazing Angles pattern created by Jeff Andrews for Jamie Beckwith Collection  as a focal wall in her clients home.  And what a focal wall it is!!!!!!!!  Check out the article about Kris Lajeskie below……..


Although Kris Lajeskie still is relatively new to the San

Diego area—opening a 2,200-square-foot design and

retail showroom in Encinitas-based Rancho Santa Fe

Plaza in 2013—the globetrotting designer already has

made a name for herself, racking up local accolades as

“Best Interior Designer for 2016” from magazines across

the county.

“It means people are responding to distinctive and

original design,” says Lajeskie, who started her interior

design business in 2002. Among her commercial and

residential projects: a $15 million penthouse in New York

City, a villa on a private peninsula in Maui and numerous

boutique hotels. As a cultural hotel designer, she’s

currently designing on a new hotel with Gensler—Hotel

Chaco in Albuquerque, N.M.—and even helping upgrade

the guestrooms of a monastery in New Mexico where

she serves as a Benedictine oblate.

“My endless wanderlust has given me such a beautiful

perspective and education of the world ” says Lajeskie,

“studying cultures is one of my great passions. I focus

on traditional ceremonies, and search out artisans of all

genres to collaborate with.”

Her gift is to tune into her clients’ dreams and visions.

“It’s that ability to extract ‘the essence’—in people and

places—that sets my work apart as beauty, function

and spirit,” she says. That means the latest trends aren’t

even in the picture for this dedicated and passionate

designer. “I always joke, when I see a trend coming I run

in the opposite direction,” Lajeskie says. “The creations I

do have only to do with the client that is commissioning

me. It’s a one-of-a-kind creation that reflects the spirit of

person and place. It should be comfortable, beautiful and

very inspirational to dream and grow.”